The Basic Mechanics of LifeJournal for Windows

Information about Installation, Moving the Program to a Different Computer, and Uninstalling Fully

LifeJournal tech support receives basic questions about how the program works. Here are questions and answers to help you better understand some of these basic mechanics of the LifeJournal programs:


  1. LifeJournal is installed from an installation file. lj3setup.exe. The installation file (about 35 MB) can either be downloaded from or be accessed from a LifeJournal CD that you purchased.

  2. When you download the installation file SAVE it (and remember where you save) and double click it to install and run the program.

  3. The trial installation file is the same file as the full installation file. When you enter the key the trial version becomes the full version.

D. When you install LifeJournal, there are two places on your computer where the program resides:
(1) the program or software is found (if you use the default path) in C:\Program Files \LifeJournal3
(2) the data--your journal entries, daily pulse entries, Topics List, etc--are saved (if you use the default path) in C:\MyDocuments\LifeJournal[YourName].

The two files that contain your journal data are [YourName].ljd and [YourName].lja.

NOTE: You can install LifeJournal for Windows ONLY using lj3setup.exe. If you copy the files that are in C:\Program Files\LifeJournal3 , you won't be able to install the program onto a different computer.