Moving LJ for Windows from one Computer to Another

LifeJournal is divided into two sections on your computer (the program--the Program Files directory, and the data--in the My Documents directory). First you install LJ onto your new computer and then you move your journal data.

A. Back up your LifeJournal data from your old computer onto a USB flash drive as follows

1. Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of your computer.

2. Open your LifeJournal program and go to File menu>Back up Journal Data and a dialog box appears.

3. Click the **Browse** button and browse to your USB flash drive. Click **OK**.

B. Download and save the installation file for the LifeJournal for Windows from

INSTALL THE PROGRAM BUT DO NOT RUN IT. That is, when you see the prompt New writer, Open existing, or Restore writer, go to the next step.

C. Insert the USB flash into your new computer.

D. Select "**Restore writer** and browse or navigate to the "[YourName].ljd" file on your USB flash drive.

E. You'll now have all your journal entries on your new computer accessible using the same password (or no password) as before. Enter your key in order to be able to save more entries.

NOTE: In your USB flash drive, make sure that the two journal files, [YourName].ljd and [YourName].lja are in the same directory. If both files aren't in the same directory, you may see the message that the file is LJ1, rather than LJ3.

You will have to enter your keys in order to have the full version. First enter your base key--for LJ3--when prompted, soon after the program starts to run. If you have purchased keys for Add-Ons, go to the Filemenu>Manage keys and enter your Add-On key. Then click the Manage Content button to include the Add-On content for your Writer.