What are Add-Ons?

Add-Ons give your journal more information and more focus on a particular subject. You'll receive more content-- prompts, quotes, tips, and more--on the the Add-On subject, which will merge seamlessly with your LifeJournal3 program.

LifeJournal currently has eight Add-Ons:
+ Writers by Sheila Bender + Creativity by Eric Maisel + Spirituality by Mark Matousek + Emotional Balance by Beth Jacobs + Divorce by Pamela Wynn + Christian by Bob Climko + Educators by Linda Larson + Staying Sober by Dennis Daley

Learn more at http://www.lifejournal.com/add-ons

If you have an Add-On in LifeJournal for Windows and then subscribe to LifeJournal Online, you do not have to purchase the Add-On again. It will be activated on LJO for no cost.