How do I activate my Add-On?

You need an Add-On key to activate the Add-On. Purchase your Add-On key(s) from, if you haven't yet. You will receive an email with your Add-On LifeJournal key(s). Once you receive your key(s), take the following steps to activate your Add-On for your Writer.

  1. From the LifeJournal 3 program, go to the File menu>Manage Keys. A Key Manager dialog box will open.

  2. Copy and paste your Add-On key in the Add-On Key field. (The Add-On key begins with "A.")

  3. Click the Add-On Key button.

  4. If you have more than one Add-On key, repeat steps 2 and 3 for each Add-On key. (These first four steps allow all of the Writers on your computer to access any of the Add-On content. Step #5 below allows each Writer to select which Add-On content they want in their journal.)

  5. Go to the Content menu>Manage Content. Select which of the Add-On content you would like to include for your Writer and click the OK button.