Add-Ons in LifeJournal Online

There are the same eight Add-Ons for LifeJournal Online (LJO) as there are for LifeJournal for Windows.

At the time that you subscribe to LifeJournal Online you can buy Add-Ons.

To purchase an Add-On after your subscribe to LifeJournal Online, log in to your LJO , click the Add-On link in the top navigation bar and you can buy any Add-On.

If you have previously purchased an Add-On (through LifeJournal 3 or the LJ2 specialized editions such as LifeJournal for Writers or Christian LifeJournal) you don't need to purchase the Add-On again.

Here are the ways that you can get the Add-Ons previously purchased in a Windows edition to your LJO subscription:

  1. If you are syncing LifeJournal3 for Windows with LJ Online, then during the syncing the Add-Ons will be automatically transferred.

  2. If you have LJ3 for Windows or a specialized edition of LJ2 and you do NOT have any entries that you are moving to LJO, but want your Add-Ons in LJO, then send an email to info[at] lifejournal [ dot ] com, with PLEASE ACTIVATE MY ADD-ONS in the subject line. Include either (1) your Add-On keys (2) your receipt or (3) if you don't have 1 or 2 above, then a request for research with your name, email address at the time of purchase. We will take care of your request as quickly as possible.